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Understand His Love

At one Point in our lives, we have loved something or somone; and at certain times our love for either that something or someone diminishes due to alot of reasons which are related to each and every person.
But Today we need to love God, We need to have his Love in Our Hearts.
Why? Because God is love. He's the perfect example of Love. His love for you and I transcends what we can ever Imagine.
While we sometimes show love to things on earth, which eventually causes pain/sorrow or disappointment.
His Love is Enternal, He died that we might live, he died so we could overcome sin, the devil and his angels. God sent his son to save us. (John 3: 16)
God's Love is Divine, it includes his divine love and protection, you need to really be in the presence of God to really understand his love, you need to be connected to him. You can say merely that God is Love, But its much more than just words.
Remember -The great things that God has in stock for those who love him. The love of God never wanes or diminishes.
My advice for you today is for you to have the love of God in your heart, seek to love the Lord, His ways and his will for your life.
All other kinds of love are short-lived/temporal but God's love is eternal, its everlasting.
Stop seeking for Love in the WRONG PLACES and DIRECTIONS.
Single people need to pray and seek the face of  God for the right person to get married to.
If you're not ready to be married keep yourself, stop setting yourself up for destruction by indulging in fornication and immorality thinking its love.  Its Sin and God does not tolerate Sin.
Stop Beating around the bushes, hoping and thinking and betting that this person is the right one for you. Let God choose for you, because that person might not  be the one for you.
Remember Physical apppearance can be deceptive.
That person might be that stunbling block the enemy has put  across your path to  stop you from reaching and finding the perfect partner that God has  for you.
Remeber to seek the kingdom Of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you.
God wants you to be closer to him, he wants to come and fellowship with you and you with him.
He wants you to express your love for him, not just verbatim,  put your love in action by obeying  and doing all his commandments.
Jesus " By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one for another  and also love for him"  we need to put our love into practice to really see the love of God working amongst us.
If you're in his presence, you don't have to worry about how or where your next job will be, food , shelter, because in him you are safe and sound.
The simple message for you today is -Love God, Follow his ways.
walk in his path.
We hope this message has and will be an Inspiration for you
God Bless you.

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