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What we're about !

Our Mission : To Spread the Gospel of Salvation Around the world to sinners and those who need repentance,
To prepare  Christians for the END TIME.
To strengthen the faith of those in Christ Jesus, 
To build the faith of those who have accepted Christ into their lives.
To reach out  to the lost and unsaved.
To deliver and brake the yoke and bondage of sin in the lives of Christians and sinners through Christ Jesus.
To reach out to Christians all around the world.
To change the lives of Christian's and unbeliever's( sinners) through the Word Of God and prayer.
To Pray for the sick for Healing, and provide for the Needy.
To Increase the level Of Holiness in the lives of Christians.
To Define the True meaning of Christianity Unadulterated.
To Teach and Practice True Concepts Of Christianity and much more, all to the Glory and praise of God Almighty through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Our ministry is aimed at changing your lives forever, Here you will meet with Jesus,  and accept him personally  as your Lord and Savior, by giving your life to him Today not Tomorrow, Tomorrow Maybe too late ! ! ! !
Think about it. Your salvation is in your own hands.
News : We have branches in  Several  parts of the world. The basic thing for you to do as soon as you give your life to Christ is to get into a bible based church, or you can join us online by listening to the messages from the man of God or reading Bible texts taken from the Sunday School and Sermon  also read specific bible verses that will help you keep in tune with God, and On fire for God. This will  keep your faith strong till the End.
You can sign up  to receive Bible Verses and never miss Sunday School lessons and Sermons.
 Teachings from each Sunday School will be published here every sunday as soon as possible, hopefully every Sunday
 if you need counselling and prayer Contact  a counselor Today  who will counsel  you in the Way of the Lord and monitor your Spiritual Growth.
You can also have your prayer request sent in to us.  We will pray on your Prayer requests
 Trust God and believe for answers to your prayers.
 Remain Blessed in Jesus Name. Amen.