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Building an altar for God in this Present Age

Building an altar in your home, is key and essential for the growth of young children in the family and the entire family of Christ

Daily meetings that constitute an altar should be executed, to educate the young, old and the entire family in a church.

This enables understanding of the word, increase in understanding, the bible says thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path, the word of God is like a guide to the feet of each and everyone in the family, today we can bring this verse into our daily lives, everything we do should be guided by the power of the word, if we read and meditate on it


In most countries, mostly the developing countries building a Godly altar is very important.

Time is created for specific meetings on particular days. Its something that brings us close together, it creates a fellowship with Christ and God the father, having an altar in our home should not only be about reading the word, but praying, discussing, giving others in the family a chance to speak and think deeply on the things of God, this altar needs to be taken seriously, its God's altar,


The greatest blessing when an altar is built in a family is the blessing that brings you closer unto God. We need to me more closer to God in our daily lives, There is nothing like been too close to God, we need his constant touch and guidance, sure enough, he sent his holy spirit, but we need to seek the face Of God, dedicate time to the things of God, it doesn't matter how short the time may be, building an altar is a very serious and important commitment to God. There are blessings to be received when you build an altar in you home dedicated to God.


To be continued.......


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