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Ushering in the New Year-2017: Pls click on the link " Urgent Prayer for 2017" on the Navigation Bar to your left, below . Thank You
Greetings to you from FBRCOG
We wish everyone that visits this website a Happy New Year(2017) In Advance in Jesus Name
We wish you all a prosperous,successful New Year in 2017
We pray that God will cause his face to shine upon you, that he'll strengthen you and that you'll remain steadfast in the love of Christ
Once Again, Happy New Year in advance  to all the branches of FBRCOG and COGPGT in Jesus Name. Amen
Watch Out for The New Year Message Shortly !
Thank God for a wonderful New Year fast approaching
We urge you to Pray more and seek the face of God for this coming New Year- 2017
Remain Rooted and Grounded in Christ Jesus
Guard your faith in Christ with a Holy Jealousy, alot of things are going to happen that might test your faith in Christ Jesus,
But we believe  God will grant you victory over such tests if you stand Firm ! ! !
 Amen ! ! !
God Is Love