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   Youths are very important in the family, church and nation.

They could be associated with zeal, exuberance, and strength

Fom a positive viewpoint.

Otherwise they could be associated with sinful lust, evil desires and vanity. They need the divine touch  Of God and

elderly counsel in order to guide and channel them to the


needed positive usefulness. We shall use the Matthew 6:25-33

as key to unlock the rich wealth of our youths.



A.     YOUTHFUL DESIRES: Matthew 6:25-32, Psalm119: 9, Ecc.11:9 , Titus 2:6-7.   From the youthful age people start to form ideas opinion and ambitions- pursuit of life. They tend to imitate the older ones or People they see as role models. They start to express what they want to become in their future. These are the reasons they have to be guided, to avoid them from modeling bad and wrong Life styles. which is not well pleasing to God.


 The desires could become care and worries, which eventually becomes a  burden in their hearts. If  not quickly dealt with.


Discussion : Using the basic needs of life, clothing food shelter and protection or security, Identify their opinions and desires.


Parents discuss with your children who are Youths on the above)



B.  ORDER YOUR PRIORITY:  Matthew 6:25-33, Psalm 119:9, Proverbs 8:10-21,22-36, Psalm 51: 1-5 and 1st john 1:7-9,

Sin has gone into our blood (lives) through our

parents/ancestors, exposure to Television, Computer and the


mass media where lustful and  sinful things are shown and learnt, modern youths become filthy or dirty, The minds of Modern Day Youths today is corrupted and turned against the things Of God


As a result, they need cleaning from such. God's first priority for youths in particular can be found in the book of Ecclesiastes 12:1-5, Matthew 4:17, Revelation3;20.


That is to be convicted of their sins, REPENT and  Decide to


FORSAKE them. CONFESS them sincerely to God.

Ask for forgiveness of sins and cleansing by the blood of Jesus Christ to save them from such sins.


They aso need to Invite him(JESUS CHRIST)  into their heart by faith. Such that they become born again.

John3: 3,-5,John 1:12.


Discussion: In sports we have a game called Long Jump, you hop, Step and jump to be able to succeed in that event. Suppose the athlete leaves in that event and Only Steps and jumps would he succeed?


Goal - Set and put your priority along with God -Mt 6:33, In other Words make God First In whatever you do, Make Him the center of your life, career and goals.