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Success Prayer Points For Christians
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Prayer Points For Victorious Living

Welcome to the prayer section of our website.
we're pleased that you've come to this section of our website
Christ urged us to pray, without prayer and fasting certain problems, things that affect us will not cease to exist.
We have been giveen a name to call upon and that name is Jesus Christ .
I don't care whatever situation you're going through, Jesus is here to resolve and put an end to demonic attacks, sickness, poverty, you name it, his name and his blood is sufficient to take such away from your life.
we have a couple of prayer points for Christians and those in need of deliverance.
These Prayer Points are listed to put you on the path to a strong prayer life, this prayers listed here are not put here as some special kind of prayer that you got to pray mandatoritly everyday, neither is it a book, everything that is written here is in conformity with the bible and the things of God.
We've been all taught how to pray by Jesus, he says we should ask in his name and we shall receive.
these prayers are listed to set you on course in a powerful prayer life. its not a ritualistic prayer and you can pray as you wish to. Remember where ever the spirit of God is, there is Liberty.
Remain Blessed
Only pray deliverance prayer , when you are strong and you have people to pray with you to avoid unwanted attacks, This message goes  out to those who have demonic oppression or possession. If you need deliverance you can contact us below at the stated email address or see the pasotor of your church.
The following are prayer points for Victorious Living.
1)Thank God: Learn to give thanks and glory to God always,everytime no matter what.
2)Confess your Sins: Ask for forgiveness of sins and ask God to cleanse and wash you clean by his precious Son's Blood( JESUS CHRIST).
we have all sinned, ask for forgiveness in action,deed or word, and  thought also which is really the most dangerous.
Prayer Points For Change:
1) Every evil handwriting written against me by the
devil,demons or anyone concerning myself,life, destiny, career, children, family e.t.c I erase such handwriting in the name of Jesus Christ.
2) Dear God make a way for me where there seems to be no way in the name of Jesus.(Just as you made a way for the children of Israel in the bible)
3)Dear God every Enemy of progress in my life , fighting against my success or progress in life , physically or spiritual in any form or realm , I command  the earth to open its mouth and swallow them up in JESUS Name.
4) In the name of Jesus  , In the Mighty name of Jesus.
   The blood of Jesus , Precious blood of Jesus.
 Every evil spoken Word, spoken against me in the open or in secret, I condemn in the name of Jesus
5) Dear God, Every wickedness sent or targeted against me in the physical or spiritual realm, I command such wickedness to perish by the Holy Ghost fire In Jesus name.
6) Every demonic oppression affecting my life, I break its power in my life in the name of Jesus.
7) Every spirit of oppression and depression destroying my life, making my life unbearable , I bind  and cast you away from my life into the bottomless pit in the name of Jesus.
8) Every Covenant made by me, my parents or in my generation thats evil and does not give glory to God,  made knowingly or unknowingly, I break such covenants in the name of Jesus.
9) I shall succeed, I shall progress in the name of Jesus.
10) I seal my career, life, marriage e.t.c with the blood of JESUS.
11) DEAR God preserve my soul from Evil and Destruction.
12) I cover myself with the blood of Jesus against any plan of evil or destruction, or death (daily prayer for protection)
13) Dear God, I know you got a plan for my life, Father let me walk in the plan you've made for I and my children e.t.c in the name of Jesus.
14) Dear God let your plan for my life come to manifestation in the name of JESUS.
15)Dear God increase your love in me. In the name of JESUS.
16) Dear God, make me R.A.W (Ready,Able ,and Willing) to show and practice love according to your commandment in the name of JESUS.
17) Dear God, speak to me today, I want to know the right plan and direction I should follow. IN JESUS NAME.
18) Dear God set me on fire for you.
19) Dear God grant me your divine favor to succeed and stand out amongst the Crowd, In JESUS NAME.
God Bless you all, we know God will and is going to work in your life through these prayer points.
Expect more Prayer Points Soon
Prayer Team (FBRCOG)

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