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First Born Redemption Church Of God Pillar and Ground Of Truth Ministries

Being Thankful

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 We all recognize today as Thanksgiving day in the United States. Are you thankful for what that God has Done in your Life?. If you're not thankful, look back and imagine from January to November of this year, what  God has done for you, Count Every Blessing and name them all one by one, and you'll be suprised at what God has done in your life.
Think about the ability to walk, talk,See,Breathe, all these
we do not pay for, its free, think about that job you got at
the time you needed it the most, think about God's answer to your desperate prayer,
Think about God's intervention in your life in certain circumstances, where you were confused and didn't know what to do, think about the reality of you having, food,shelter and clothing, think about his awesome love and protection over you,
Believe you me, its a great blessing, there are people who don't have what you have , there are people who can't talk, they wish they could open their mouths and say something probably like "Thank you God" but  they can't, we are not making fun of these people, we are just showing you how greatly blessed you are by God. So what stops you from thanking him?. Are you so heavy hearted, are things tough, still give thanks, be thankful for what you have , release yourself in the presence of God.
Free yourself, just let go of all the worries, let him do a great work in you today, speak to him and thank him for all the good he's done for you, let him take care of the rest, Defeat the enemy in your life at this very moment, by saying 'Lord I thank you , for my life, my career e.t.c.
just be thankful, be in a spirit and moment of thanks,
Ask God to clothe you with a garment of thanks, to allow you to see the good he has done in your life, alot of people mistake God's divine FAVOR  in their live's for LUCK. With God there is no luck, its divine FAVOR, Divine FAVOR is Certain to bring God's blessings in your life, it doesn't happen for no reason, it happens because God's hand Of Divine FAVOR is on your life.
In this season and moment of celebrating ThanksGiving, smile, Give God the Glory, thank Him for what he's done in your Life and DEFEAT THE ENEMY IN YOUR LIFE , BY THANKING GOD FOR What he's Done in your lIfe.
Thank him the way you want to thank him, there is no special way or laid down rules for thanking God, Just open your mouth and thank him, just praise him, just lift up his name, pray  within you ,without speaking out if you don't want other's to hear what your saying.
Thanksgiving is not just about Eating Turkey, or over eating, its not just about dancing e.t.c Its more than that,  Its about really thinking and reminiscing on all the good God has done for you this year 2005.
Understand the real meaning of ThanksGiving, it means Thanking God  for all he's done for you, your family e.t.c
Remember Be thankful, there's a cause for you to be thankful today. You have no excuse, not to thank God today.
Remain Blessed
God Bless you all
Happpy Thanks Giving from First Born Redemption Church Of God (Pillar & Ground Of Truth Ministries)