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First Born Redemption Church Of God Pillar and Ground Of Truth Ministries

The Year in Review

Happy New Year ! ! !
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What has the Lord Done for you lately?

Beloved, greetings to you all.
2006 is going by, its been a blessing for God's children this year. 
We are about to enter the New Year in a few Hours. Its a time to reflect on the things God has done for you in 2006 and how you've lived your life in the year 2006
 is it well-pleasing to God or Subpar? OR JUST NOT RIGHT.
We've been given a commandment by God to number our days, as the year comes to a close, begin to thank him for giving you the grace to be alive, for being his child ,living and walking in his light(Christ Jesus), for giving you good health, for seeing you through the tough times, for giving you victory even when you never acknowledged him doing so...........
the list goes on, just thank him ! ! !
But in your Own special way, Give thanks to God, set right your path to heaven, The Kingdom of God is drawing near and to live in the new year and more years to come, you have to realize that the anointing,strength and blessing e.t.c  for  2006 is not sufficient for the year 2007, you need to ask for more strength,anointing, Power, strength........ for the coming new year (2007) from the Lord.
We as humans change but God does not change, he's the same yesterday,today and forever. Halleluyah ! ! !
Pour out your heart tonight to the Lord, speak to him,ask him about the things he's planned for you in the new year(2007), make your requests know to him about the things you want him to do in your life, in the entire year (2007).....
Pray that God will give you the grace to live through 2007, walking on his holy ground.and much more that you wish, God's banner shielding you,
protecting you, guiding you, empowering you with all might
and strength and knowledge, causing you to soar effortlessly on the wings of success,anointing,power in 2007.
Remember God is Love