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What's learned at the altar of God in your home is first and foremost the building foundation of the entire family life.

If the foundation is strong, nothing can destroy it. The altar is a good place to speak to one another on things that might be bothering anyone or issues that probably need to be resolved, its a place to understand Gods principles, commandments, we need to follow God.


Many Christians today are not willing to follow God, they're not willing to go the extra mile at all to receive their blessings, which is a shame, the church is not the only place God can touch you, Christians don't understand that, God can touch you, speak to you, bless you right in your own home, if you build an altar, for him in your home, that's all he's asking from you and me today.


Build an altar for me, so I can bless you, touch you.


Remember to build an altar where prayers are offered to God, the word of God is read and taught, and expatiated on to full understanding regardless of the entire age difference in the family.

Age has no boundaries when it come to the word Of God, just because you're 21 doesn't make you any knowledgeable or better than a 6 or 7 year old child that knows and understands the word better than you.