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First Born Redemption Church Of God Pillar and Ground Of Truth Ministries

Build An Altar for Me ! (Part 2)

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Continuing on the last scripture, Thy word is a lamp unto my feet  and a light unto my path,


Light unto my path- look at that part of the scripture. The word of God is  a light unto our path, for teenagers this word is powerful enough to resist peer pressure, because the word of God does not return void. The spirit of God is quick and powerful like a two- edged sword. When a teenager faces a daring or trying situation, and he/she remembers the word  learnt at the altar in his /her home, that word is brought into memory by the holy spirit, it activates itself and the power of the word of God as quick and powerful than any sentence , word or weapon attacks like a two- edged sword and destroys the negative impact the situation the teenager might be going through at that moment. Probably the teenager was  asked to smoke, take drugs ,engage in illicit sex or undertake a life threatening task, that word of God will overcome such a situation if that word is put to use and if and ONLY IF THERE IS AN ALATR, where the word of God is been spoken.


People keep wondering today why there is so much decay and rottenness in this young generation,. The reason is because, God has been left out by many people, families in their lives. An altar has been missing for years, and years, even at the young age of a Christian boy or girl; there probably hadn’t been any altars at all.


Building an altar will surely be a blessing for the entire family, reading and studying the word , asking questions on the different areas of study in the word Of God will enable the kids, and the entire family to blossom into a great and mighty nation.

Remember wherever the SPIRIT of GOD is there's liberty !



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