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First Born Redemption Church Of God Pillar and Ground Of Truth Ministries

Concept of Sin
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Understanding the Concept Of Sin

Sin as we all know is an action that violates Gods commandment.

There are different Kinds Of sin.


Today We will use a known concept which everyone has been through to explain what sin is and how it feels like to sin.


Imagine you have a child(little baby) and the baby pooh's(messes up) and each time you clean the child and leave the child to play he has more poop all over, its like the child is doing it intentionally, but he/she is not, but to you ,you think probably something is wrong with the child. you keep cleaning and cleaning up the child time after time, non stop.


There's a question, " Can and Would you keep cleaning the child up?"


Can you bear the repeated unclean manner of the child?


Thats how sin is: God is longsuffering and merciful. He keeps washing us over and over again anytime we ask for forgiveness of Our Sins by His Sons blood (Blood Of JESUS).


But we can't keep Sinning because we would always be forgiven time after time, because of His grace and forgiveness.


None of us , could and would keep cleaning that child up time after time, it will get to a  point we would just give up, cause we can't bear it.


We all are like that little Child.

The bible says, should we sin that Grace may abound, God Forbid such, what this means is should we continue in sin, acting out sinful acts such as fornication, adultry, lie, lasciviousnes, hatred,murder, lust e.t.c to mention but a few,  because we know we will be forgiven, not so , we cannot keep doing the wrong , when we know its wrong and also because we know that we will be forgiven, a time will come when the door of grace and Forgivenes will be shut and it may be too late to make amends, and judgement befalls anyone meddling with Sin. Sin leads to Death, Destruction & Condemnation to Hell Fire.



Back to the concept, we are just like that little child, Lets see Ourselves as that child, and envision yourself in pooh(sin) and God the Father Cleaning you up all the time though his Sons blood(Blood Of Jesus) . When he already Told you not to commit sin, regardless,  if its in your thought deed, action e.t.c

 And you keep doing it


The pooh symbolizes sin, and sin is a reproach to God, he doesn't like it at all.

God is a holy and Righetous God, Sin knows no place around the  presence  of God at all, Sin flee's from his Presence, Because he is too Holy.


So make a committment to God today, To stop Sin in your life, Don't let Sin rule your life, make the right choices today.


You have a choice( partial freewill) to do what you know is right, the choices and actions you take or make,  have a reward or repercussion, whether its good or bad.


Ask for forgiveness, and STOP MESSING WITH "POOP, POOH"(SIN).


Its only going to make you filthy and Dirty, Unholy and Rebellious in the presence of the almighty Father, you cannot live righteously and still continue to commit Sin  and you know deep down in you that its wrong.


If you feel touched by this message and would like to pray,

Just pray this simple Prayer


Lord Jesus, I Thank you for sending your Son to die for me, and I acknowledge the importance of your son shedding his blood to wash my sins away. I DO NOT WANT TO USE YOUR BLOOD IN VAIN BY SINNING CONSTANTLY WHEN I KNOW ITS WRONG.


Lord Jesus, is there Anyway I have sinned Against you in deed, action, word thought or spoken Word, I ask for your forgiveness, Wash me by your precious blood Lord Jesus, Cleanse me from all uncleanliness and blemish Of sin and make me pure in your sight Lord Jesus, In Jesus Mighty Name I've prayed. Amen.


If you Prayed the above prayer, believe that God has answered your prayer Of Forgiveness.


We hope and Pray That God touched you through this message and he will continue to guide you in your walk with him.


God Bless you all



Coming next: Sin and its End result Part 1

                    Using the Word Of God to stamp Out Sin in your life

                    Using The Word Of God to Overcome Sin & Temptation.


Watch Out for the next Teachings Coming Soon.