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Freewil: God has given each and every one of us freewill.
we might ask ourselves this question.
Whats freewill? Freewill is a right given to do as you please, Biblically its actually given to us by God,
We have two end results of freewill:
1) Positive freewill (Doing Gods will)
2) Negative freewill (Doing the devils will)
The positive free will link us to God, it brings us close to him as long as we do what he commands us to do as his children.
The timeline God has given us manifests in our lives in accordance with obeying and doing Gods will and purpose
When we are in the positive freewill (Gods will) we get more from God the father, we receive a greater touch from God and we become instruments or vessels of honor to him.
We are promised eternal life through Our Lord Jesus Christ, when we do Gods perfect will for our lives, alot of people today are working anti-clockwise to Gods will for their life.
Some are working in an oldwill which is the sinful will of man. They are so blinded with what they want that they can't see the Father(God) giving them a helping hand , or showing them the path to what they need, should be searching or aiming for.
When we are in the positive free will, we no longer walk in th Negative freewill which is sinful and destructive,  Our will submits to God and obeys what he tells us to do , say , act upon.
While we are in the postive freewill, our personal will is still in existence but its totally reduced to a certain level but its still there and we have a choice to either do good or bad and that choice is freewill.
Negative Freewill is a will which is against the will and purpose of God for our lives, The bible says to everything under the Sun there is a time and Purpose. Our lives were not just made without any future plans or guidelines, When it comes to our freewill, its really dangerous, because sometimes we want to please others and in doing that we are actually going against the will of God, when we do this, we are sometimes forgiven , depending on the offense(sin), but when we do certain things we will get a punishment for it , to let us know that its not right.
 Its now left to you to make such a situation either right or wrong, through freewill. Either continue doing the wrong or making amends and doing the right.
Negative free will brings corruption, destruction and Sin into our lives both consciously and unconsciously, especially through our actions.
Negative freewill is deceiving and evil. it makes us to do the will of the evil one (devil,Satan) and hence makes us to continously drag ourselves into the mud.
Make a choice today, Are you willing to walk in the postive freewill or the Negative freewill, Most of our lives are full of more Negative(evil) freewill than God.
Is it possible to have a 100% positive free will ? Yes its possible , but tough for alot of people, you can have 100% positive freewill through the power of God, prayer , dedication and committment.
Make the decision today to have more postive freewill towards God.
God Bless- Joel.O (Editor)