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Facing The New Year In 2006

Happy New Year Everyone,

Welcome to the New Year, the Year the Lord has made.


This is a message for the year 2006 from our founder - Apostle


'After seeking the face of the Lord in persistent prayer regarding the year 2006, we have heard from him and we conclude that "it's a year of contrasts" The Lord says clearly in Jeremiah 29: 11-14 for us (His People) that he wants to give us an expected end.


For Obedient and faithful Christians the year 2006 shall be one of fulfillment. It shall be a year that our long and expected blessings shall come. Indeed he calls it a year of "glorification" and "Super-abundance"


Let's remember that Jesus Christ was glorified as he had a triumphant entry into Jerusalem. He was hailed, praised and adored such that the city of Jerusalem was shaken by the ovation. (Matthew 21: 1-11) All faithful servants of God will be glorified this year.


Above all, It's a year we should earnestly prepare to meet the Lord to take us home( To heaven) We may be expected to round up our service to the Lord, Like Paul, we may give an account of our service and take the rewards in heaven ( 2 Timothy 4: 6-8)



This as the word of knowledge came to us at FBRCOG; we shall declare the glory of God's Kingdom. We shall declare his power than ever before. (Psalm 145: 11-13)


But for the unbelievers year 2006 is one that will be perilous. Disasters and dangerous events are expected. God will judge the wicked ones in various ways this year.


God always warns his people ahead of time not to terrorize them but to prepare them; he does so out of his infinite love and mercy, so his people will keep themselves pure, from danger and perils.


He loves the unsaved too, warns them in order to lead them to repentance from their wickedness and sinful ways. That they may accept Jesus Christ by faith into their lives, so that the can become children of God.


So they can start to enjoy the benefits of their adoption.


Both the saved and unsaved need to be prayerful this Year.


God bless you all In Jesus Name. Amen.


Apostle Paul Oluwasegun


Founder and General Overseer of FBRCOG AND COGPGT



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