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First Born Redemption Church Of God Pillar and Ground Of Truth Ministries

God's Divine Promise for his People.

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Beloved, its wonderful to know that we have a magnificent God that's given each and everyone on earth promises.
There are different kinds of promises.
The most important promise from God to Man out of his divine love and protection is the promise of divine salvation through his son JESUS CHRIST. He sent his son to die for us.
This promise of salvation from destruction is for those who have accepted JESUS CHRIST IN THEIR LIVES and are doing his will and commandment which was given to him by the Father (God). See JOHN 3: 16
The second Greatest Promise is the promise of the Holy Spirit . Before Christ left this earth he promised to send a Comforter ( The Holy Spirit) the holy spirit would be a teacher,  comforter e.t.c
How do we know this promise came to pass?
In this present age and time , we see the holy spirit moving in a powerful way through  those that yield to him.
John 14: 26 speaks on this Promise.
As Christians we go through alot of situations in our lives and  most of the time, we fail or overlook the reality of God's loving and divine promise for our lives.
These promises can be found in the word(The Holy Bible) The word of the Living God to us his children and to the entire world
In some  cases, God can and sometimes will reveal  his promises to us in several ways if we are willing to seek and hold on to God's Promises.
WE  got to seek and desire to know what God's promise is for our lives. its not automatic sometimes, The word of God says " SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND, KNOCK AND THE DOOR SHALL BE OPENED UNTO YOU"  We need to seek and hold God on his promises for us as his children.
There is a verse in the Bible that I personally love so much . " it says " His thoughts ( God's thoughts) toward us are Good and not evil"
He also promised us in Colossians 4: 19. it says he'll supply all our needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. also in other portions of the bible , he requests us to ask anything of him according to his will and purpose for us.
Find out his will and purpose for your life, alot of people don't know  what God's will and purpose is for them, because they don't desire to know.
Today alot Of Christians  need to dwell on God's promises for their lives, family , children, business, jobs to mention but a few.
Question" Where can we find these promises ?
Answer: God's promise for us as his children can be found in his word( The holy Bible).
You can use the promises in his word for and to your own benefit.
How can you use or benefit from God's promises for you?
Answer: By calling on him(prayer) remind him(speaking to him) about his promise for those in Christ Jesus.
Believe this if you will, but there are loads and uncountable promises in God's word and from God for his children.
I love a particular Bible verse it says " All things work together for Good for those in Christ Jesus"
That's  a promise .
You can hold God on this promise  by praying.
You can tell him " Lord you said in your word that all things work together for Good for those in christ Jesus, I claim this promise  as your child.
Henceforth, I want all things according to your word and your promise to work together for good for me  at my job, career, on behalf of my children, in my marriage ..... e.t.c the list goes on , I'M NOT GOING TO FILL IT IN FOR YOU, YOU GOT TO FILL IN AND PRAY AS THE HOLD SPIRIT LEADS YOU IN RELATION TO WHAT YOUR NEED IS.
You need to pray constanly to get an answer and see results in certain circumstances. commonly know as seeking the face of the Lord. sometimes his answer comes immediately, sometimes it takes a while, Know that God is testing your faith to see how long you can hold on to his promise if you don't get an answer right away.
So keep your faith strong in him, believe and it will be so In Jesus Name.
Remember this P.U.S.H stands for PRAY UNTILL SOMETHING HAPPENS. Pray till you get an answer, pray untill you see changes, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY BELOVED.
God Bless you in Jesus Name.
We hope you've been blessed by this online teaching at First Born Redemption Church Of God.
to be continued...................
watch out for part 2